Room Recipe: Blue & White Coastal Living Bedroom

Loving this tropical inspired bedroom.  It’s so gorgeous.


I love breaking down the elements of a room design into what I call a room recipe. To get this coastal living look at your place you’ll want to look out for these decor ingredients:

Room ingredients: 

  1. White paint
  2. Green paint (floor) – Porter’s Paint “Dew”
  3. If you don’t have floor boards use a sisal rug
  4. White shutters
  5. Rattan and wood bead head and frame
  6. Two queen size bed pillows
  7. Two euro size bed pillows
  8. Feather queens size donna
  9. White cotton donna cover and pillow slips with blue palm or flower embroidery or Indian block printed – you can use a plain white cover and use blue accessory throws and Euro size cushions to achieve this look

Design Method


I also love Porter’s Paints – this colour Dew is gorgeous and very similar to the floor in the coastal style bedroom photo.


Porters has lots of gorgeous whites and wallpapers – depending on your room.

If you don’t have a gorgeous wood slatted wall, you could give your room a designer coastal feel with a gorgeous wall paper in your same colour tones, like this one by Anna Spiro and from Porters Paints.


Sisal rugs can be purchased from so many places.  This one is from Freedom and is called the Madras Rug.


Shutters will really give your room a coastal look and that beach cottage feel.


If you don’t have shutters on your windows, you can bring in an old set of salvaged shutters – full size and lay them against a wall. This gorgeous photo above is from A Beach Cottage. 


Bed Linen can be tough to find just the right thing – an old faithful design trick is to go with white and use cotton throw at one end of the bed and two euro cushion covers.

Here is a gorgeous white linen cover from Sheridan.


If you have white linen already, then just pair it with euro size covers in blue to save on coins! This one below is from Sheridan.


I’m a huge fan of John Robshaw Textiles and love his range from India. Here is something that would work perfectly in our coastal living bedroom in blue and white.


Lastly, the bed… rattan and wood bed frames are sometimes known as French antique style. So gorgeous and romantic! Perfect for beach style decorating and coastal living.


Have fun creating all your coastal living blue and white room elements!

To learn more about how to decorate a beach house you might enjoy my

Beach style Island Luxe necklace and behind the scenes beach styling inspiration


Today we added a beautiful necklace to the Kahuna Bay online boutique.

What I miss about having a physical boutique is online can be a challenge to create the same atmosphere and product story.

As we build back Kahuna Bay’s website – slowly adding products, I am going to make a big effort to create the same product story display in images.

beach inspired-2


I’ll share you with you the styling images and hopefully this might inspire you to use some of these styling tips in your home or styling shots.

Island Luxe Turquoise Necklace

Here is the gorgeous turquoise necklace.  It is handwoven each stone one at a time stitched into the crocheted brown strands. Our turquoise resort wear jewellery always sells out quickly its definitely the most popular besides white jewellery.




I decided to start creating art inspiration pieces to go along with the pieces of jewellery. I must say I absolutely love the finished styled images. It really gives so much more the feel of the tropics.

Painting with Watercolour

Last night I painted this watercolour to go with the turquoise necklace. I wanted to use muted tones of the sand and the sea. I love watercolour because the are so calming to look at and so forgiving… watercolour is so beautiful not perfect.

Inspiration Shells

You could easily use this watercolour design as an interior colour scheme taking inspiration from sea shells and island aqua water.

If you’d like more help on decorating beach style you might enjoy my e-book about how to decorate a beach house step-by-step. 


I took inspiration from these gorgeous shells.  I find when designing, styling and painting less colours always works best.  I try and use no more than two colours.




Here is one of the styling shots. I just love how the artwork brings the necklace to life.


Styling Images and Creating Layers

Styling images always looks better with layering. Simple techniques I use are white backgrounds, different heights and using proportion and angles to my advantage.

To create a beach look, we’ve used a long wooden chopping board. It is perfect to achieve the weathered beach look. You’ll see this look a lot in my photos.  If I was styling a retail store, I would also use long boards in a centre of a table, maybe mirroring each other.



If you want to try this colour scheme at home, my watercolours for the shell painting were Chinese White, Veridian Hue and Burnt Umber. To learn more about colour, my decorating beach style e-book covers off choosing colour for beach inspired spaces and looking to nature to pick you colour palette.

IMG_4547I’m loving painting abstract art for the jewellery. Can’t wait to put together my next piece and style it up x


Hello 2015 so glad you’re here!

We are so glad it’s a new year and with that come’s fresh hopes, new goals and aspirations. To kick it off, we’ve launched our new look Kahuna Bay website. 

We’ve also made some key brand decisions about the future of Kahuna Bay.  Please to share with you Kahuna Bay is online exclusive brand – making it even better for you the end user consumer.  We can innovate faster, bring in smaller product lines, and create more interest by providing the ever so hard to find one-offs.

Thanks for sharing the journey with us – your here because you also share our love and passion for the beach style way of life and we hope to echo your dreams and lifestyle in our products.  If your decorating a beach style home this year, or freshening up a city apartment with coastal and tropical inspiration a great place to start could be our re-freshed DIY How to Decorate a Beach House Step by Step e-book.  Download it and get cracking in minutes. 

Lots of new products on the way and can’t wait to see what exciting new designs and inspiration we can bring you this year! x

Time to reflect and rejuice creative energies

I know I’ve been out of the design scene over the past year… and many of my wonderful stores across Australia have begun contacting me to find out how I’m going and whats happening with Kahuna Bay’s range.

Well – basically I’ve taken some much needed time out to reflect and gather my creative energies again over the last year. I’ve also returned to my previous professional life as a communications manager. This has been a really good thing as I’ve moved back to the city and have been loving everything the city has to offer as well as being in a professional communications and strategy space again.

I think thats the thing about us as people- we are all many facets and not just “one thing” – for me that means I’m creative in many ways… Even though I’m tempted to put myself in a box of what or who I am – I am many things and choose to do much! Thats really what makes life exciting.

Stepping away from pushing myself to design and create has actually had my desired effect- I’m feeling more creative. And I’ve begun to start designing and decorating the way I did a decade ago just because I loved it… I’m starting to paint again and this is really a great creative outlet. You can still buy my artworks from SeaWeed and Sand stores in Sydney as well as a few other select galleries across Australia.

I won’t be exhibiting at the Melbourne show in August- but I might attend on the weekend to stay in the scene and catch up with some friends and colleagues. Its a wonderful place to stop and reflect… Have you done this in your life before?

Of course you can still shop online at Kahuna Bay- thanks to my wonderful mother who keeps sending out everyone’s orders! I’m going to use this blog to begin exploring my creativity and creative journey again. I think its great I’m living in a tropical city and will begin to approach beach and tropical style design and interiors from a city view point- one of which most of us busy working women are faced with.

I hope you enjoy my journey as well… if you love beach design you might enjoy our Facebook community- seach Kahuna Bay.

Susie xo

Industrial Chic

Lately I’ve been working too hard I think… and am feeling my creative edge slipping.  So I’ve started looking for inspiration.  I’m turning to the outside- to houses that inspire me, to objects, to scents, to words- and to my books and magazines.

Today I’m inspired by Notebook’s feature on “Industrial Chic…”  Its about finding beauty and character in peeling paint, recycled wood, neutral tones and a pared-back look.  These are all some of my favourite things!  Ahh how refreshing and comfy.  It made me instantly feel like creating a new room.

What I love about these images of industrial chic decorating- is there are a couple old bits- mainly the coffee table.  But really when you look closely at the pictures, the couch is designer, the cushions are fresh, white and definately wouldn’t smell like an old cupboard.

There is mainly a heap of mixed textures- woods, numbers, paint, metal, books.  It’s very quirky and very interesting.  Too me- industrial chic is one of the perfect beach styles.  Get this look and add a large chunk of coral to the coffee table and an all white sand white on white canvas art piece and you’ve arrived at your beach house.

Speaking with someone today who spent the weekend on an island… they stayed in a modern holiday home.  I asked this person if the owner decorated it like a beach house… she said “No there wasn’t a shell in site…”

Its the perception of what a beach house is that boxes people in.  Industrial chic could be the perfect beach style decor look- without the cliche fish and boats.  Although in my mind you could add a white vintage sail boat and it would fit right in.

To learn more about how to decorate a beach house- or how I think you can decorate a beach house you might like to check our decorating how to e-book.

Notebook even has a little sea bird in on of their industrial rooms.  They say to make sure you have heaps of texture including knocks and bumps which add character to your furnishings.  Also working with what you’ve got in your possession to begin with makes this exercise more fun as you have to be more creative!

Keep your colour scheme to neutrals- loads of whites, creams, light browns and greys, blacks and silver will work perfectly.

7 Steps to Get the Industrial Look + add a piece of coral to make it a bit beach style meets the factory

  1. Use large glass jars & metal lids for storage.
  2. Do revamp your furniture using Porter’s Paints.
  3. Buy new white cushions.
  4. Add white ceramics on top of industrial (factory or office furniture) to contrast.
  5. Use big metal lamps.
  6. Display old signs, letters and industrial drawings as art.
  7. Hang wire hooks (think IKEA or Howard’s Storage for this) and display bits of music, favourite numbers, ripped out pages of a book and black and white images and drawings- again mood art.

Beach House: Made by You

When you decorate your beach house style home, creating things made by you is creative, satisfying and fun!

In fact a beach house feels more relaxed when things aren’t perfect. A must have for every beach house is your very own piece of shell art made with shells and bits you’ve found on the shore.

To learn more about how to create your own beach house check out our new beach style decorating how to guide. We sell it on line or you can get the hard copy posted to your home. The website is

The best glue to use when glueing your shells onto wood is liquid nails or hot glue.

Happy Beach Decorating!

Kahuna Bay

Beach Style… it’s simple

Beach style is just that… simple.

It’s fresh, it’s cheery, it’s no strings attached.  You only own what you love and never feel obligated to keep something.  Your comfortable in your own skin.  You love your home.

That’s what beach style is to me.

To learn more about beach style, you might want to check out my how to decorate a beach house book- step by step.